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Posted 11 June 2016 - 03:48 PM

Updates #11

  1. Added Account Manager/Donation system (Now you need to register an account before playing!)
  2. Added SmartGuard AntiBOT protection. (Make sure to add your l2 folder to your antivirus scan exceptions list!)
  3. Added various protections from enchanting weapons/skills, putting augments with cheating software
  4. Fixed dark elf's epic leather armor texture
  5. Nerfed MOS/Cave zone mobs, now they have strength of Farm zone/Garden mobs
  6. Modified Donate/GM Shops for more comfortable use
  7. Reload Jewlery stats fixed (now gives more stats than epic, there were small mistakes)
  8. Fixed char nicknames (no more less than 3 characters nicknames)
  9. Added auto potions system, write .autopot (for CP/HP/MP pots) - we aim to make PvPs prolonged
  10. Fixed many other smaller/bigger bugs
  11. Some of the raidbosses got stronger since it was easy to solo them

The list will be updated.

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