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Posted 01 February 2016 - 03:10 PM

Updates #9

Skills/balance fixes:

  1. Added +6K mp for mage robe sets
  2. All classes added +1k pdef/mdef to prolong pvps
  3. Fixed fear/mass fear duration (now is 2sec)
  4. Fixed archers/daggers evasion
  5. Fixed SPS aura bolt casting speed
  6. Fixed mages MC
  7. Fixed OL (way too big damage, increased drain reuse, decreased hp gain to 40percent)
  8. Fixed heroic berserker (resist from all surrenders even most of vortexes)
  9. Fixed OL suspension/silence/Scourge debuff times to 3sec from 120sec
  10. Fixed Warlords. WL had 3 stuns. 1 was 2sec and others were 9sec (reduced to 2sec too). Also reduced chance, now it's  half it was before.
  11. Fixed tanks aggro (bigger reuse time)
  12. Fixed healers (30% heal and greater battle heal now self-use skills. Other skills prolonged duration too because heals were too fast.)
  13. Balanced archers
  14. Balanced Titan's frenzy/zealot reuse duration
  15. Balanced daggers bluff
  16. Balanced SPH damage

Other fixes:

  1. Fixed epic armor appereance on darkelf
  2. Fixed TVT/CTF/DM Events(fixed blue/red auras, etc.)
  3. Fixed Olympiad bug (some players could run outside of fence)
  4. Fixed epic heavy/light sets status to be like other sets (now epic fullarmor are separated to chest+legs)
  5. Fixed CTF Event location
  6. Fixed CTF not closing coliseum doors + added opening them after the event
  7. Fixed event reward to event medals
  8. Fixed starting system (old system disabled,A/S Grade now is completely free)
  9. Fixed pvp bug wich was causing karma for pvp or attacking without ctrl in pvp/pk farm zones
  10. Added warnings to speak english in shout/hero chat
  11. Added new buffer design (looks way better and has more buffsets)
  12. Added events announcements to show join command in announces more often
  13. Changed spawn protection lowered from 20sec to 10sec
  14. Changed Blessed scroll enchant chance from 100% to 95%
  15. Changed starting adena to 0 (armors/etc free so don't worry)
  16. Disabled class based oly registrations

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