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Are you looking for professional wide or large format scanning services? Look no further than our store, Reload Internet, located directly opposite Paddington Station in London.

Large Format Scanning Service in London

We offer the following scanning services instore & can scan the following types of documents:

  • Large format scanning
  • Wide-format scanning
  • Oversized scanning
  • Blueprint scanning
  • Architectural drawing scanning
  • Engineering drawing scanning
  • Map scanning
  • Poster scanning A0 / A1 / A2 / A3 / A4
  • Artwork scanning
  • Flatbed scanner for large documents
  • Large format scanner with flatbed
  • High-resolution flatbed scanning
  • Large document scanner
  • Document digitisation services
  • Image capture services
  • Digital archiving services
  • Large format scanning service.
  • We can even digitise your dye line paper, vellum, bond paper, film, tracing and plain paper

We offer a same-day scanning service, and our digitisation service can scan your Books, Large Format Maps, Burial & Cremation Registers, Manuscripts, Photographs, Newspapers, Magazines, A0, A1, A2 Large Format Scanning.


Wide-Format Scanning for Maps, Drawings, and Posters

Architecture Engineering Drawing scanning service

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or graphic designer, preserving your large-format maps, drawings, and posters is essential for your work. That’s why we offer wide-format scanning services to digitise your oversized documents precisely and accurately. Our Flatbed scanners can handle documents of any size with no limitations on thickness, delivering high-quality digital copies that are perfect for archival purposes or sharing with clients.

We understand that your documents require careful handling, which is why our team of experts take great care to ensure that every scan is of the highest quality & we can even use gloves if requested to.


Flatbed Scanning for Oversized Documents, Artwork & Photographs

We offer Flatbed scanning facilities for those items that should not be bent or are to bulky to feed through a normal large format scanner like artwork and photographs. We understand that your artwork and photographs are valuable, so we take great care to ensure that every scan is of the highest quality. Our staff are here to assist you with your scanning and printing needs – you simply need to visit us.

As well as standard-sized document scanning, Reload Internet offer our clients impressive scan results in 100dpi – 1200dpi (with up to 9600dpi available for specific applications), and we offer large format scanning and wide Format Scanning in A0, A1, A2, A3 or A4 Scan sizes. We offer Digitisation Services for the same sizes.


Our Pricing & Turnaround Time

Pricelist for Large Format Scanning / Wide Format Scanning

The table shows the prices for scanning documents that are paper thickness (up to 150 gsm or so), oversized, blueprints, architectural drawings, engineering drawings, map and poster scanning sized A0,  A1,  A2,  A3, A4. We can scan for you on the spot if you make a booking with us.

Scanning for Posters and PlansFirst Page Charge2nd page onwards
A0 size (Poster / Plan etc)£20.00£15.00
A1 size (Poster / Plan etc)£17.50£12.50
A2 size£15.00£10.00
A3 size£2.99£1.99
A4 / A5 size£2.50£0.99
Weekend handling feeFor A2 scans and above£5.00 (one off fee)
Upload scans to the cloudFor A2 scans and above£5.00 (one off fee)
Save files to USB (TIFF / JPG etc)IncludedIncluded


Book us in today for all of your scanning needs. We can scan for you on the spot if you make a booking with us.


Pricelist for Flatbed Scanning services

The table below shows the price for artwork, canvas scanning, photographs or items requiring a large format scanner with high-resolution flatbed scanning for document digitisation for items that can not be bent. Some clients use us for digital archiving services.

Flat bed ScanningFirst Scan2nd Scanonwards
Upto A0 Size£25.00£20.00
Upto A2 Size£22.50£17.50
Upto A1 Size£20.00£15.00
A3 size£2.99£1.99
A4 / A5 size£2.50£0.99
Weekend handling feeFor A2 scans and above£5.00 (one off fee)
Upload scans to the cloudFor A2 scans and above£5.00 (one off fee)
Save files to USB (TIFF / JPG etc)IncludedIncluded


Need more information? Email us on [email protected]nullreloadinternet.com or call us on 02072624111


You can visit us in Paddington; you don’t need an appointment or make a booking and we will scan on the spot for you.

To get your large or wide format documents scanned instore with us:

Step 1: Make a booking here to visit us.


Step 2: Visit us in-store at 197 Praed Street, Paddington, W2 1RH, directly opposite Paddington Station and the Paddington Hilton.

Step 3: Once we have completed all scans for you, our trained staff will save the files we have digitised directly to your USB stick in TIFF, JPEG, or PDF. We can email them to you (size permitting) or upload the files directly to your cloud – you simply need to direct our Staff with what you need.


Watch our video on our large-format scanning facilities


Benefits of Flatbed Scanning

There are several benefits to using flatbed scanning as a method of digitising documents and artwork:

Versatility: Flatbed scanners can scan various documents, including photographs, artwork, and books. This makes them a versatile choice for a wide range of scanning needs.

High-quality scans: Flatbed scanners can produce high-quality scans with resolutions of up to 4800 DPI, making them ideal for preserving artwork, photographs, and other documents.

Safe for delicate items: Flatbed scanners use a flat glass surface to hold documents in place during scanning, which is gentle and safe for delicate items such as antique photographs or fragile artwork.

Efficient: Flatbed scanners are generally faster than other scanning methods, such as handheld or sheet-fed scanners. They can also handle more significant documents in a single scan, reducing the need for multiple scans and document stitching.

Easy to use: Flatbed scanners are simple to operate, with intuitive software and minimal setup required. This makes them an ideal choice for individuals or businesses with varying levels of technical expertise.

Flatbed scanning offers a versatile, high-quality, and efficient solution for digitising various documents and artwork.


London Scanning Service for Technical, Architectural & Engineering Drawings – Digitise Your Plans Today in PDF, TIFF or JPG

Reload Internet, based in Paddington, London, provides a scanning service popular amongst architects in Paddington and London, and for a good reason. We can quickly and accurately convert paper drawings and non-electronic formats to Computer-Aided Design (CAD), or we can transform your architectural drawings into a digital format on the same day.

Trust us to provide the speedy and reliable service you need to get your projects off the ground.

Document Scanning service

High-Resolution Scanning Service

We have the following equipment instore ready to use:

  • Flatbed scanner
  • Scanning bed
  • Scan surface
  • Image scanner
  • Document scanner
  • Optical resolution
  • Color depth
  • Image quality
  • Scanning software
  • TWAIN interface
  • USB connectivity
  • Automatic document feeder (ADF)
  • Transparency unit
  • CCD sensor
  • CIS sensor
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • File format (e.g., JPEG, PDF, TIFF)
  • DPI (dots per inch)
  • Scan speed
  • Duplex scanning
  • Batch scanning.


Document Digitization Experts

Reload Internet offers digitisation services for expert scanning. We are able to handle the digitisation (or digitization) of all items. Across the years in digitisation we have also scanned wallpaper samples and x-ray scans to Victorian surgical drawings and bound illuminated manuscript books. Our staff are skilled at handling delicate items and treating them with the most respect and care.

We can scan and digitise the following:

  • Books
  • Large Format Maps
  • Burial & Cremation Registers
  • Manuscripts
  • Photographs
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines