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We are a Passport photo studio, that can take your German passport photos or visa photos for Germany. We take can take your German passport photo and visa photo in our store and our fully trained staff will photograph you with the right lighting and the correct background that the German Government requires.

Get your German Passport Photo in 2 ways

Option 1: Visit us at our store in Paddington

When you pop into our store in Paddington, we will take a photo of you while you wait.

Option 2: German Passport photo by Post

Take a photo of yourself against a white wall at home like the image below & upload it to us, and we will post it to you with next day delivery.

Photo Guide

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We can take your German Passport Photo in-store OR we can post it to you with fast delivery. Just upload a photo of yourself and let us do the rest!


We can print and prepare your German passport photo or visa photo for Germany while you wait in our store with no appointment needed.

Our late opening times means that you can also visit us 7 days a week and we close at 10pm even on a Sunday. We charge £9.99 for a set of 6 photos and this includes a money back guarantee should your passport fail in the embassy.

Watch the video on how efficient we are with German passport and visa photos.

german passport photo

You need to make sure that you can get a high quality set of photographs in order for your application to be accepted and sometimes instant photo kiosks will not be able to meet these standards. We have had countless customers that have been declined visit us to get the right specifications of a German passport or visa photo.

Choosing Reload Internet to get your German passport and visa photos can help you avoid delays with your application. You need to make sure that you have clear photographs that can be used to easily identify who you are entering Germany.

Your photo should be no more than 6 months old and it must be clear in focus with no red eye or reflections that can affect the overall quality of the image of you. You need to have a clear complexion on the photographs with no excessive use of makeup or anything that could cover the face.


German passport photo specifications:

  • The photograph should be 35mm x 45mm, with the measurement from chin to crown being 32-36mm
  • If your face measurement is below 27mm or above 40mm the photograph will not be accepted by the German government

German Passport Photo

  • Full facial features should be clearly visible as well as the top of the applicants shoulders
  • No shadows are allowed on neither the applicant nor the background
  • The background should be a neutral grey colour, if you have a darker face and hair the background should be light-grey
  • The applicant’s head should be square to the camera, looking directly into the camera, with both eyes open and mouth closed
  • We recommend that you do not wear glasses in your photograph to ensure that it will pass the standards met by the German government, however if you must, the applicants eyes should not be covered by the frames at all
  • Head coverings are not allowed under any circumstances, but there are exceptions due to some religious reasons
  • If the applicant is aged 9 and under, your face should take up 50-80% of the photograph, therefore the measurements from bottom of chin to the crown will be between 22-36mm
  • Children aged 5 and under follow the same guidelines as children aged 9 and under, but a neutral expression, looking into the camera, and face centred in the photo is not required
  • For babies younger than one, eyes do not have to be open

The quality of the actual photograph should be good with a high print finish, which will be guaranteed to be provided for you in store.

German Passport Photo information

Germany has also joined the bandwagon of countries that have adopted the latest biometric system, which calls for a contactless smartcard chip along with a 13.56 MHz loop antenna implanted to the rear cover page. Besides, two scanned fingerprints are also included in the passport and added to the chip. All applicants filing for a passport should follow specifications outlines. Validity period for German passports for those under 24 is six years, and 10 years for applicants who are older. Passport’s cover design is burgundy red like other EU passports.

German Visa Photo Requirements

  • Any type of head coverings isn’t allowed in photographs for German Visa and Passport. There are exceptions for certain religious sentiments, though it is good to clarify.
  • Face should cover about 70 – 80% of the photograph.
  • The subject’s eyes should be visible and neither glass nor hair should cover it. Also, tinted glass, glass reflections or even sunglasses aren’t acceptable.
  • Photo contrast and sharpness should be perfect.
  • Photo shouldn’t be blurred or unclear – too light / shadows in the background, etc.
  • Lighting should be even and redeyes should be avoided.
  • The photo should be printed on good quality paper and the resolution should be 600 dpi or higher. Photos shouldn’t be pixelated and can be black and white or color.
  • For children aged 9 or under, face must be 50 – 80% and should measure between 22 – 36mm. If the measurement is <17 mm or >40mm, the photo can be rejected.
  • For children under 5, facial measurements remain the same. However, there are no restrictions like neutral expression, center alignment or even looking into the camera directly. If it is a baby under 1 year, their eyes don’t have to open.
  • Photograph should be taken against a neutral gray background. However, it can be medium-gray for those with light-colored hair and face and light gray for those with darker hair and face.

Why You Should Chose Reload Internet

We only Charge £9.99 for 6 quantities of German Passport & Visa photo and there are a number of reasons why customer choose Reload Internet to get their passport photos through us. Some of them include:

  • While-You-Wait Service
  • Personalised Services
  • Full Knowledge of All Applicable Rules and Regulations for Photos
  • Preview the Image for Approval
  • Cater for all Passport Photo sizes worldwide

Biometric documents are the highest quality photographs and it is very important to adhere to these requirements and ensure your German Passport Photo or visa photo for Germany is accurate. Any discrepancy from the requirements will mean you have to go through the procedure all over again and will only delay you further. Choose Reload Internet for your German Passport Photos today!


Germany AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) passport photo requirements:

At Reload Internet we specialise in customising passport photos not only for passports and visas but other official documents as well. The specific dimensions required for AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK), depending from case to case is-

  • 30×40 mm
  • 35×45 mm

The digital specs for AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) are:

  • 135×172 pixels

All you have to do is pop in to our store and we’ll take care of the rest.


Germany Job Application passport photo specification

German companies have unique passport photo specifications for job applications. These requirements of dimensions include:

  • 40×50 mm
  • 40×55 mm
  • 43×55 mm
  • 40×60 mm
  • 50×50 mm
  • 60×45 mm
  • 45×60 mm
  • 50×70 mm
  • 50×75 mm
  • 50×80 mm
  • 60×80 mm
  • 90×60 mm
  • 60×90 mm
  • 70×100 mm
  • 70×110 mm
  • 127×89 mm

Our team of experts will click, edit, cut and prepare your passport photo while you wait, or you can now order you passport photos online with us and your passport photo will be delivered at your door step.

Biometric German Passport Photo

At Reload internet we always ensure that our Printed and Digital Passport photos for German will meet the strict criteria set forth by the German Authorities and German is one of the countries whose passports are now fully Biometric.


OPTION 1 – Visit us in Paddington

Just walk into our store and let our experienced staff take your photo. It will not take more than 5 minutes.

  • We will take your photo with professional lighting.
  • We will print, prepare & cut your German passport photo.
  • No appointment needed.

Passport Photo Paddington

OPTION 2 – Passport photo posted

We can post you a set of 6 German Passport photos – next day delivery. How it works:

  • Email us a photo of yourself from your phone or camera.
  • We will look at your photo, free of charge
  • We will reply to confirm.

Passport photo posted

Passport Photo post UK

  • We will print, cut and post your your German passport photos
  • Next day delivery
  • We post your photos anywhere in the UK or worldwide.


OPTION 3 – Digital Photo resize

  1. Send us your photo from your phone or camera whilst you are standing against a wall in your home
  2. We will look at it free of charge.

Digital Photo resize service

3. We will email your resized images back to you same day.
4. Your digital German passport photo will be ready to upload to the online German passport service.

You do not need to worry about the regulations, we have dealt with thousands of satisfied customers and are very experienced.

So why wait? Email us your photo today and we will resize it digitally for you

We look forward to welcoming you at Reload Internet, in Paddington, London.

Please call us on 02072624111 if you have and questions or email us at:

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